Ecogreentext, inc. Geo Bags Geo Tubes Podtech20 Mattress Cover/pad

Our Promises to you

Our customers are key
We produce in a responsible way responsible products
We stand for good business practices
We do business responsibly
We are socially responsible
We make the ecological footprint of our organization, processes and products more and more visible and measurable​

Who We Are

EcoGreenText Inc. focuses on the growing need for protection of people and their working and living environment. Partnered with developers and manufacturers in South Asia, EcoGreenText provides functional materials with distinctive characteristics and added value which positively contributes to progress of social, ecological or economical issues.
​Demand for Geosynthetics and industrial fabrics is growing. Nature is unpredictable, harsh, and even devastating. Land forms shift, rain falls, and ice forms, causing environmental havoc. We are an innovative, problem solving provider focused on delivering solutions.

Our Philosophy

EcoGreenText is a solution driven company. We are a commercial organization that thinks in terms of systems (solutions) instead of the traditional role of the provider of materials or components (for the system). The essence of the EcoGreenText philosophy is creating real, sustainable value for customers and society as a whole. It encourages innovations that create value by making people's lives better and contributing to prosperity in society. Value creation requires providing products and services that customers value more highly while consuming fewer resources.