Water resistant/hydrophilic
Non-toxic and environment friendly
Better drainage provides preferable temperature for roots
Good air permeable and sun light for the roots
Lightweight, heavy duty and re-usable

​​Product Capacity and Size

CapacityDimensions in inches
7 gallon14" x 12"
15 gallon

17.5" x 12.5"

30 gallon

24" x 13"

45 gallon30" x 17"
65 gallon33" x 18"
100 gallon36" x 23"
200 gallon48" x 27"


Super large sizes can be used as raised bed garden, perfect for Greenhouse and outdoor applications

Inexpensive and durable fabric can last through multiple seasons, can be used for covering crops, trees, flowers, tomatos, roses, etc.

Breathable material aerates the soil for optimum root growth, it does not alter the flavor of crops
Can be used with various types of soil or hydroponic growing media

The benefit of air-root pruning is simple; it prevents roots from hitting a rigid container side wall, being deflected, and creating an inefficient and often fatal root system of spiraling and ever-increasingly larger roots with little or no branching. Instead, in our grow bag plants get the benefit of air root pruning, when making contact with the fuzzy interior sidewall of the pot, roots usually grow straight into the sidewall of the grow pot until they encounter air. This naturally causes them to branch into a mass of small lateral fibrous roots (air root pruning). These masses of small lateral fibrous roots allow for much greater uptake of nutrients and water than the inferior large root created by conventional rigid containers. The ability to uptake more nutrients and water is clearly a superior method of growing any type of plant or tree.

Fabric Aeration Pots are durable enough to last for multiple seasons of gardening while creating an oxygen healthy root system for the plant. Designed to allow roots to breathe, these pots stand up well to heavy harvests and can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both indoors and outdoors. The aeration pots are made of 100% new polypropylene (PP) and are environmental friendly. Please note that our pots are measured in trade gallons. A Trade gallon is a term used to denote the sizes of standard plant containers in horticultural industries. A trade gallon is equal to approximately .71 U.S. liquid gallons. This Fabric is an extremely strong and highly U.V. resistant non-woven polypropylene fabric that promotes the phenomena of air-root pruning.