Product Brochure

PODTECH2O: 12" X 36" X 0.25" (covers 3 sq. ft.of living wall)

Living Wall In a Box: 14" X 14" X 2" (includes 4 PODTECH2O in a box)

Wholesale Box: 22" x 56" x 16" (includes 24 Living Wall In a Box)

POP Display


  1. Open your "Living Wall In a Box" packet. Each box will have 4 pots mounted together with a strap which you can Attach vertically on your wall (one Living Wall In a Box can conver 3 sq. ft. of living wall)
  2. Fill each pot with soil as described above and Plant your seedling
  3. Water your plant everyday as required and soon you will have a great living wall in display

For best results, use Premium Moisture Control Potting mix/Soil Moisture Polymer Granular Soil Amendment  

Installing PODTECH2O with 3 simple steps

​​Product Data

100% Polypropylene
220 GSM
1% -3%


Great for tropical plants, herbs, all bedding plants including flowering plants and vegetable
Sipper Wick included with built-in reservoir system
Modular overlapping design to make continuous living wall look
Can be expandable to make any size wall and grommets for quick mounting and typically good for 4", 6" and 8" plants


Good air permeable and sun light for the roots
​Better drainage provides preferable temperature for roots
Non-toxic and environment friendly
Lightweight, heavy duty and re-usable
Water resistant/hydrophilic

PODTECH2O is made from recycled plastic bottles and uses the fibers of PET felt which allows adequate air and water to flow for the roots. The fiber is non-toxic and provides better water drainage for the plants. It can be used to grow plants in hydro-culture pellets or can be applied to grow in potting soil.

Living in a wall

Green wall

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